Friday, August 28, 2009

First Thoughts!!!

Was thinking for a long time as to what should i write in my first blog...i neither wanted to start off wid a bang and slowly whine out or start slowly and pick up speed....oh god what am i writing

Nyway i have decided to write on a topic thats close to my heart...friendship and trust.....

Off late i have come accross lots of happenings where my friends or people i know have been facing problems with to be more specific......I was thinking bout this for a long time...what exactly is trust and how does it decide friendship..... to me is the essence of friendship, it is the foundation over which friendship is built. We may b just friends or we may be great friends, but as long as we dont maintain the trust we no longer exist as friends. How is trust built up...thats something which is not done overnight. It has to be slowly developed and nurtured over the course of ones friendship.

Coming to the part of trust broken, i dont know what the people stand to gain breaking one's trust. Believe me, its most painful to have one's trust broken. The person who has broken it may think it as fun and just move over. but for the person who is at the receiving end, its a whole lot different. It is like as if an arrow has been pierced right through ones heart. He/She will spend lots of sleepless nights wondering what went wrong and where.

I went through one such in my college days and believe me it was not at all good, and in my case the worst part is i dint ven know who the culprit was..even now i long for the day when i will hear from that person. I yearn for the day when he/she will come to me repentfully and plead for their mistake. But alas!! I dont see it happening..atleast in the distant future...i think at times what would i have done if i had known that person immediately...i was so angry that i would have for once voted for the guillotine or the lethal injection as a punishment. Me of all the people voting for such a punishment :( :(...

I used to think over d incident and loose my sleep for days together. I used to wake up in the dead of the night and wonder what exactly happened around me. But now i have overcome it totally. Why should i loose my sleep over some meritless, soulless person who was coward enough to babble behind my back and not face me. i decided some downly person is not gonna make me lose myself.

I have been more careful in my friendship after this and have found out that the world is not that bad afterall. I have moved on and now lifes a whole lot brighter and worlds greener. The meaning of friendship is more clear defined now and i have been able to identify between true friends and the rest..Rest signifies all those whom i call friends but who do not fall under th former category namely TRUE.

Holla!!! I think i will stop with this..if i continue i may well be writing my autobiography here.....this writeup was mainly bout my experiences with friendship and to all those people who have lost trust in friendship. And i've got just 2 words for them 'MOVE ON' and see how wonderful life is.

As a parting note...suggestions are welcome on all fronts....any mistakes can be pointed out however worse they are and how much ever open they are...