Friday, January 22, 2010

Musings about a Memorable Musical Night

I know this post is very very late, but better late than never since i cant stop thinking about the amazing time i had.

I was in a state of exitement right from the time the concert was announced. I was jumping up and down when he got the two oscars and proudly said "All through my life i had the choice between love and hate and i chose love and am here!" and "எல்லா புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே" and when the chance came to see him live on stage i was expecting for an out of this world experience

I had bought the tickets well in advance and spent the last few days planning how we reach there. it was decided that we hire a Sumo and go. We were about 5 people and it was a long journey along the scenic ECR. All along the way we were discussing about Rahman only and the possible songs that he may perform and our favourites from among his tracks. We reached the venue an hour in advance and found a wonderful location to sit. Little did we know that almost the entire concert we would be on our feets!! The concert started about an hour late and those were the longest and most restless moments of my life since we couldnt wait for more. "Bring on our Idol" seemed to be the common words used at the venue. The restlesness was further fuelled by the organisers advertising their various ventures.

Finally the concert had truly started and the way he started with Jaage Hain from Guru and followed it up with Khalbali and attained peak with Athiradi karan, it was absolutely awesome. Then came Hariharan with the magical Kadhal Rojave. Even though it did not match up to the original, my namesake did do a great job in his usual style. Then came the tekno theme of Dilli 6 followed by Jiya Se Jiya. Jiya se jiya was a revelation since Rahman literally connected with the audience when he went atop a crane above the audience. After this song entered the inimitable Blazee with his Style followed by the Liquid Dance from Slumdog Millionaire. This was followed with my most favourite number Konjam Nilavu. This fast number was followed by Ringa Ringa and Fiqurana. This was enough and the audience was already on its feet and it reached a cresendo when the mastero himself sang Dil Se Re. This was followed deliberately by the mesmerising number Jashn Ee Bahara and we were virtually hypnotised when Snegidane and Slumdog Theme followed. We slowly calmed down and were slowly swaying to Kahin to and Thamizha Thamizha that followed along with Uyire. What a moment it was when Hariharan performed Thamizha Thamizha...everyone in the audience sported the Indian Flags and i could feel a patriotic fervour inside me.

Then came the peppy kabhie Kabhie Aditi and Rahman himself singing Rehna Tu. As they always say there's always a calm before the storm, the soothing effect that Rehna Tu had was followed those amazing crowd pleasers Chaiya Chaiya, Taxi Taxi, Mayya Mayya This was also when Shivamani went on stage and we had Azeem O Shahenshah, Rukumani and Veerapandi. The crowd went berserk and my friend and I who were hardcore Rahman fans were standing on the chairs. Both of us dint know when we went up and only realised when Rahman brought us down with the hevenly Khwaja Mere Khwaja and Arziyaan.

Then came the surprise element of the concert...we had Chitra make a rare public appearence and sing "Kannalane". We just kept wondering about how at this age after so many years in the industry she has the same innocent and angelic voice that she started out with. She further pleased us with the rendering of Jiya Jale. After that Hariharan and Rahman came on stage and played with us. Hariharan split the audince into two and gave each side few lines to sing that he sang and we repeated aftr him. He did this for some time and then sang a wonderful aalap which even on our best day am sure we cant sing. He finished his aalap in such a way that it paved the way for Ay Hairathe. Woww!!! one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite movies. Then came Suzanne with Aye bachu and again the audience tempo was raised and same as last time rahman himself went on stage for that legendary college song Mustafa Mustafa. This song was also a delight to watch when the crowd brought out their cellphones and started waving it similarly as it comes in the movie. Again th cresendo peaked with Blazee taking the stage and rapping Humma Humma and we couldnt ask anything better.

Then came the dull part of the concert when the Marg people took to stage for the next half hour and were pseudo advertising their ventures. The only good part of this was a sizeable donation to Shakti Foundation and Rahman again spreading the word of love.

This was followed by Rahman rendering his Oscar number Jai Ho and the crowd went crazy for a moment. he started Jai Ho and wonderfully ended it with his All time Patriotic number Vande Mataram. I could feel ripples along my sleeve and the pride and respect i had for my nation increased ten fold.

Sadly this was the last song of the concert since Rahman customarily signs off with Vande Mataram. With heavy hearts since we left the venue. But nontheless it was the best few hours of my life when i truly let my hair down and enjoyed my idol perform live in front of me. This was my second rahman concert...but this was special since i was in the company of my fellow rahmaniac friends and this was his first concert in India after garnering International Glory.

Check out below for some pics - Courtesy The Hindu


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Awesome Hari, I could hear an imaginary Humming tune in my mind when I was going through ur post :).

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nice,,,thanks for sharing ...

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